Federal Grant Course

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The old saying goes that when you give a person a fish, you feed them for a day. Teach them to fish, and they are fed for a lifetime.

It’s a good one that we really believe in. Here at Grants Republic, we want to help you write proposals to successfully fund programs that meaningfully impact your clients and communities. And we want you to do it over and over again.

That’s why the second part of our business is building courses that show you how to write technically correct and fundable federal proposals from start to finish.

Yes, you. You are no different than we were (and might be considerably more experienced and skilled). In our complete online course for federal grant writing, we’ll take you from the beginning with how to analyze the Request for Proposal (RFP) all the way through submission of the completed proposal to the federal agency.

You’ll access templates for how to create proposal components, such as a Services Dosage Chart, a complete federal budget, and a budget narrative that links to the services and staff you’ll provide in this program. With these, you’ll be creating high quality proposals faster and with the kind of detail needed for funding by the federal government.

Our complete online federal grant writing course is available for purchase in August 2020. Sign up below to get more information in the weeks ahead.