Funding Scan & Grants Plan

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Grants Republic can complete a comprehensive funding scan for your agency that we will customize to your needs. The funding scan begins with a meeting with your team to understand your agency’s needs, goals, track record (with grants and programmatically), and priorities. Then Grants Republic thoroughly reviews federal and state funding opportunities, included projections, as well as foundation and corporate opportunities.

Grants Plan

This information will be used to populate a Grants Plan we will review with your team. The Plan includes a comprehensive list of funders, their funding priorities, typical grant amounts or award ceilings, past grantees/projects, and deadlines that resulted from the funding scan. For foundations and corporations, we also include a list of board members or contacts.

We then prioritize opportunities based on our assessment of alignment with your agency’s needs and goals, likelihood of success, and deadlines. The Grants Plan includes a grants calendar with hard and suggested deadlines (suggested for when funders accept applications on a rolling basis) that your agency can use to plan the year’s fundraising activities.

How will your agency benefit from a Funding Scan?

  • Prioritize your efforts on grants for which you are most competitive
  • Plan fundraising activities alongside your grants calendar to best utilize your development team capacity
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of your agency’s potential funding opportunities


The Funding Scan and Grants Plan typically take between four and ten hours total. We track the total hours used and invoice your agency accordingly at our rate of $125 per hour. Factors that affect the number of hours include what types of funding your agency wants to pursue (e.g., federal, state, or private, vs. all three) and the variety of programs/services you wish to seek funding for (i.e., more types of programs will require more time researching).